My path towards illustration began in first grade math class.  I spent hours fixated on my teacher’s woolly cardigan, imagining the fibrous tufts into sublunary shapes: whale sharks, moon dust, neon octopus suckers.  In retrospect, these early ventures into re-arranging reality serve to illuminate my clear decision to become an artist.

When I am drawing or painting I feel a profound connection to my subject matter.  To draw something is to know it completely – every catfish whisker, cephalopod slime trail and glossy magpie feather.  Through this process of careful observation, digestion and re-construction, I achieve a momentary, yet ecstatic union with the world around me.

As a hopeful children’s book illustrator, I am preoccupied with issues of connectivity, interactivity, and how art can inspire and encourage literacy.

I feel that it is incredibly important for young people today to see for themselves how the world is constructed, so that they, too, may participate in its creation.

Through children’s book illustration, I aim to foster the quiet, internal experience of inspiration, wonder, and reflexive self-knowledge that can be found and nurtured within the pages of a good book.


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