First Page Fear

When it comes time to begin a new project, there’s always a tingly feeling of being off the beaten track.  I have no idea what the book is going to be about, who is going to be in it, or what it’s going to look like page to page.  Other illustrators I know call this “First Page Fear”.

Everyone copes with first page fear differently – I like to geek out and sharpen things.

Here are my pencils, arranged in spectacular OCD order from which I like to use least to most. Cerulean blue is clearly the winner (far right) by it’s tiny nubbiness.IMAG1188


2 thoughts on “First Page Fear

  1. I get the same feeling about a new website! I have to think about what my version of sharpening is.

    I WOULD like to point out that the pencils are not in perfect height order, so I’d say you only have average OCD. 😉

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