A New Beginning

Hello world!

My name is Courtney Dicmas.

I am a painter and aspiring children’s book author and illustrator from Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA.

I’m currently living and studying in Cambridge, England after a four year journey of teaching English in South Korea, and Erbil, Iraq.

This blog is my first attempt at fusing my digital curiosity with my hermetic painting process.  It’s a bit of a luddite leap of faith for me, so hang on to your hats, folks!


One thought on “A New Beginning

  1. Courtney

    When I saw your painting my first nano-second thought was of a former South Korean “national living treasure” by the name of Lee Dae-Won. Midge and I knew him (the professor), his wife (first female doctor in Korea) and their children very well when we lived in Korea. Professor Lee’s painting exhibited all over the world. Midge and i have two originals, albeit small, ones and a number of his prints.

    The best at Cambridge. A really cool place!!

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